Exciting C.elegans Meetings in Austria

2022-08-30 17:19

In July 2022, two C. elegans conferences with unique topics were successfully held on at the University of Vienna.

The first conference was “Neuronal Development, Synaptic Function and Behavior” (abbreviated to "CeNeuro 2022"), during July 24th-27th. The program can be viewed at CeNeuro 2022. The second conference was European Worm Meeting (abbreviated to "EWM") taking place on July 27th-28th. Program can be viewed at EWM 2022. The two conferences gathered many leading C. elegans researchers from preeminent research institutions globally. Through Lectures, Posters and other sessions, the researchers actively participated in exchanging their academic views, bringing an academic feast based on the C. elegans research system.


CeNeuro2022 organizers include Henrik Bringmann (Technical University of Dresden), Luisa Cochella (Johns Hopkins University), Alexander Gottschalk (University of Frankfurt), and Manuel Zimmer (University of Vienna).


This meeting was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, but was postponed to this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is worth mentioning that this meeting set up a poster award to encourage researchers to actively participate in the poster session. A total of 159 posters participated in the event, and 5 were selected as the best posters. Although SunyBiotech was unable to attend the conference in person, we were very happy and honored to sponsor the first and second prize awards. Congratulations to the poster awardees!


(the first two persons from right side won the first and second post awards respectively)


(thank to Dr. Alexander Gottschalk, one of the organizers, to put our fliers brochures on the registration table)

EWM 2022

EWM2022 organizers include Verena Jantsch (University of Vienna), Alexander Dammermann (University of Vienna), and Mario de Bono (Institute of Science and Technology Austria).

This conference provides an International Forum for scientists working with C. elegans, especially those based in Europe, to present and discuss their research. The EWM has been active for more than 20 years, and brings together more than 300 researchers from all over Europe and beyond. They have invited an outstanding list of speakers as described in the program (web link above). These, and the talks and posters presented at the meeting, cover a variety of topics including Cell and Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, RNA biology, Proteostasis, Aging, DNA repair and Ecology and Evolution.

This exciting in-person meeting offered attendees the opportunity to network with C. elegans researchers from across Europe and beyond.



By sponsoring the conferences, we hope to provide researchers an opportunity and platform to present their work, and stimulate the enthusiasm of more participants for scientific research.

In July alone, c.elegans related meetings were held in American, Asia-Pacific, and European venues, which means that the international academic exchanges are flourishing after the Covid-19 epidemic.

As a part of the global scientific research, SunyBiotech actively participated in the conferences by setting up booths and sponsoring academic awards. Congratulations to all the conferences being held successfully and we look forward to exhibiting at more meetings and sharing more advanced products and services to global researchers.