Traditional Transgenic Services
Traditional Transgenic Services

Traditional C. elegans Transgenic services

Traditional transgenic services include generating extrachromosomal arrays and integrated arrays. These services will generate transgenic animals with multiple-copy transgenes, and result in over expression of the target plasmid.

These services begin from the microinjection of the DNA mixture into C. elegans gonads to generate extrachromosomal transgenic arrays that contain high copy numbers of the injected DNA constructs. For the X-ray mediated integrated arrays, the extrachromosomal arrays will be treated with X-ray irradiation, and screened for integrated arrays. The integration site is random and could be determined by mapping.

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Figure 1    Schematic diagram of generating extrachromosomal arrays and X-ray induced integrated arrays

PIDServiceYou need to provideTurnaround(wk)Price(US$)Deliverables
B001Extra-chromosomal arrays
  1. 1. Target plasmid and it's concentration
  2. 2. The marker and it's concentration
  3. 3. Background strain information
500 USD(≥3 lines)Extrachromosomal lines that contain the target plasmid and report markers
B002X-ray mediated integrated arrays8-101049 USD(1 line)Integrated lines that contain the target plasmids and report markers

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