Precise Sequence Deletion
Precise Sequence Deletion

Precise Sequence Deletion

Analyzing the phenotype of mutant in which a specific gene is knocked down or knocked out is a common way for biologists to study the gene function. We can make the gene deletion whatever you specified, such as the promoter, whole coding sequence, an entire exon, intron or domain, 3'UTR and so on.

The longest deletion we have generated is 43kb in length by now.

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Figure 1 Schematic diagram of precise gene deletion

PriceTurnaround(weeks)You need to provideDeliverables
Starts from 899 USD*5-8
  1. 1. Name of gene on which you want to delete sequence
  2. 2. Detailed sequence you want to delete
  3. 3. Strain on which you want to do this editing
  1. 1. Homozygous animals with precise gene deletion**
  2. 2. Sequencing report

*The price depends on the deletion size and difficulties. 899 USD is for deletion which is smaller than 1500bp. Contact us for a quote for larger sizes. The final price will be confirmed in the order form.

**If the precise deletion leads to embryonic lethal, larva arrest, or sterile phenotype in homozygotes, the precise heterozygote becomes the deliverable. If you want balanced heterozygotes, we could provide a Balancer Cross Service at a price of 400 USD.

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