Precise Nucleotide Changes
Precise Nucleotide Changes

Precise nucleotide changes

Through our precise nucleotide changes service, we can modify any specific amino acid they are interested in. With these mutants, you could study the pathogenic mutation, explore the binding sites of enzymes or discover the function of the gene that you are interested in.

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Figure 1 Schematic diagram of precise nucleotide change



You need to provideDeliverables
Starts from 899 USD*5-8
  1. 1. Name of gene on which you want to do precise nucleotide changes
  2. 2. Nucleotides you want to modify
  3. 3. Strain on which you want to do this editing
  1. 1. Homozygous animals with precise

      nucleotide change**

  2. 2. Sequencing report

*The price depends on the distance between the modified nucleotide, the sgRNA target site and difficulties. The final price will be confirmed in the order form.

**If the mutation leads to embryonic lethal, larva arrest, or sterile phenotype in homozygotes, the precise heterozygote becomes the deliverable. If you want balanced heterozygotes, we could provide a Balancer Cross Service at a price of 400 USD.

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