Turnkey C. elegans Solution
Turnkey C. elegans Solution

Turnkey C. elegans Solution

Transit your study from cell to mouse with C. elegans!

SunyBiotech is dedicated to providing turnkey C. elegans solution to benefit researchers who would like to use C. elegans as a supportive materials in study with accountable data.


You know well cells. You are familiar with mice. Why choose C. elegans?

 ✔  Thoroughly studied model: A completely sequenced genome shares extensive homology with that of human. Track record of relevance to 

     disease such as ageing, neurodegeneration diseases etc.

  Small size and transparent body: Easy to observe GFP-tagged targets under microscope.

  Short lifespan: Greatly shorten the experimental period. Test in natural ageing process rather than accelerated ageing.

  In- vivo and pre-clinical study: Genome editing is applicable in the organism with multiple cells.

✔  Cost-friendly: Mainly eat E. coli bacteria. Hermaphroditic. Cheap to breed and grow in large numbers.


How SunyBiotech can help?

1.   Lifespan assay: Ageing is a complex and heterogeneous process. Using natural models of ageing in whole organisms and large samples 

       serves as an ideal approach for your ageing and age-related disease study.

2.   Toxicity testing: C. elegans are also a well-characterized model for environmental toxicity testing, with good concordance to mammalian models.

3.   Compound treatment: Test the mechanism of action on C. elegans with your desired compounds.


 SunyBiotech offers you the the following C. elegans research service to meet your experimental purposes:

✔  Find homologous gene and conserved amino acids in C. elegans

✔  Gene mutation/ knock-out and rescue

✔  Analyze the phenotype after RNAi / over-expression

✔  Fluorescent protein tag and localization

✔  Different phenotype assays (with/without compounds treatment/condition changes)

        1)  Fecundity assays (to test the embryonic lethality, larval arrest ratio and brood size)

        2)  Body length measurements

        3)  Life span assays


Fig 1. Brood size of wild type (N2) C. elegans vs. Mutated (PHX1183) C. elegans


Fig 2. Fertility rate of C. elegans in different water samples


Fig 3. Mortality rate of C. elegans in Compound X condition with different concentrations

If you got any other requirements we have not mentioned above, please contact us with your ideas and hypotheses, let’s evaluate the feasibility of your research together!

C. elegans related biological research

D001Lifespan Assay800 USD Determined by the life span of the specific strain
  1. Information of the tested strain,treatment
  2. The strain/ chemical you want to test
  1. Life span curve of every strain/ treatment
  2. Raw data of dead worms for every strain/ treatment
H003Fecundity assay700 USD2-3 weeks
  1. Information of the tested strain, treatment
  2. The strain/ chemical you want to test
  1. Raw data: the number of dead eggs, hatched worms, adult worms obtained in every assay of every strain.

  2. The ratio of embryonic lethality, larval arrest and brood size of each strain.

H004Body length measurement300 USD

3-4 weeks

  1. Information of the tested strain, treatment
  2. The strain/ chemical you want to test
  1. Raw data of the worm body length of every assay. 
H005Phenotype AssayFrom 300 USD*3-4 weeks
  1. Information of the tested strain, treatment
  2. The strain/ chemical you want to test
  1. The raw data: the number of worms having certain phenotype and adult worms obtain in every assay of every strain. 

  2. The ratio of certain phenotype will be provided. 

Oxidative Stress Testing



3-4 weeks        Information of the tested strain, treatment     1. Survival curve/data of every strain.
H008Lipid Accumulation400 USD3-4 weeks        Information of the tested strain, treatment     1.  Pictures of staining of lipids by oil red O

*The price is dependent on the phenotypes that the client wants to analyze. 

How to Order:

Send your research purpose or ideas to: service@sunybiotech.com.