Referral Discount
Referral Discount
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In our Referral Program, you will be able to enjoy 5% OFF for your next ordering when you refer a colleague or friend who places orders with us. The new clients you refer will also get 5% OFF for their first ordering.

Every 5 persons you successfully referred to use our service during the promotion period, we will offer you a $700 cash coupon.


You will automatically join the program when the referred customer(s) provide the following information to us:

       1. Your Name

       2. Your Institution

       3. Your Email


     Terms and Conditions:

       1. Promotion ends on December 31, 2023.

       2. There is no limit on how many new customers an individual customer can refer to SunyBiotech.

       3. For referred customers, only first-time clients qualify for the 5% OFF in our Referral Program.

       4. The lab members within the same lab referring each other does not qualify as a referral.

       5. The Referral Discount only applies to orders more than $500.

       6. The discount shall not be combined with any other promotions for one single order.

       7. Please feel free to forward this discount accordingly as you prefer.

       8. SunyBiotech reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.