Plasmid Construction
Plasmid Construction

Plasmid Construction

Vector modifications (replacement of promoter, coding sequence or 3' UTR sequence), sub-cloning and site-directed mutagenesis are common techniques used in molecular biology experiments. SunyBiotech can provide efficient vector modification, sub-cloning, and site-directed mutagenesis service based on customers' needs. Moreover, we can do vector modifications using a ligation-independent method. Therefore, no additional restriction enzyme sites or linker sequences will be added.

Starts from 200 USD*2-3

1. Information of the vector backbone

2. The modification you need

Plasmid and sequencing reports

*: The price is dependent on the sequence length you need to modify.

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To get a quote or place an order, please register and login your account, download and fill out the order form(s) of the service(s) you need, and email the form(s) to We will send the confirmed order form with quote to your email address (the one related to your account) after checking the information.

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