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Anton Gartner lab is recruiting PhD and Master Students

2020-05-29 10:36

Postdocs, PhDs, Master Students (Gartner lab)

Institute of Basic Science (IBS), Center for Genome Integrity (CGI), Ulsan, South Korea.

The Gartner lab is relocating from the UK https://www.lifesci.dundee.ac.uk/people/anton-gartner

to the Institute of Basic Science (IBS) Center for Genome Integrity (CGI)  https://cgi.ibs.re.kr/html/cgi_en/ at the UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, https://www.unist.ac.kr) campus in Ulsan. They are setting up a new branch for Genetic Toxicology.

Gartner lab have a track record in C. elegans, stress biology, genome stability and chromosome biology.



More recently Gartner lab developed an interest in large-scale genome analysis to understand basic principles of mutagenesis and how these relate to cancer genomes



There ambition at the CGI is to become a leading Research Centre for Genome Integrity and Chromosome Biology. Building up the new branch for Genomic Toxicology provides excellent opportunities at all levels. They are looking for Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD and master students Interested in all aspects of Genetic Integrity, Chromosome Biology and Genome Research and Bioinformatics. At UNIST, all undergraduate teaching is done in English, and the IBS centre (https://cgi.ibs.re.kr/html/cgi_en/) has access to most generous core support.

Candidate requirements:

(for Postdocs)

-   PhD, with outstanding academic track record and at least one first authored publication (or on track to publish) in an internationally recognized journal.

-   Particularly look for Korean native speaking senior-postdocs which might have spent some time abroad as part of their PhD and/or Postdoctoral training.

-   Ability to supervise Master and PhD students

(for Postdocs, Master and PhD students)

-   Enthusiasm for multidisciplinary science and curiosity.

-   Capability to plan and work independently, but also being part of a team.

-   Excellent communication skills and knowledge of the English language.

-   Ability and willingness to learn.

-   Ideally, practical experience with cell culture techniques, standard molecular biology and protein-based laboratory techniques and CRISPR.

-   Ideally previous experience in C. elegans genetics and/or mammalian genome stability and repair

-   Gartner lab also looking for candidates interested in bioinformatics and/or genome analysis.

They will focus on C. elegans and mammalian systems. At UNIST all teaching is done in English, and the IBS center https://cgi.ibs.re.kr/html/cgi_en/ has access to most generous facilities and core support.

The Gartner lab has an excellent academic track record, and many former Gartner lab members hold faculty positions in leading Universities.

If you are interested, it would be great if you could contact Prof. Anton Gartner at tgartner@ibs.re.kr.